Greenguard Dragon

Locations you can find this monster
  • Greenguard Dragon's Lair


  • Level 12


  • Hard

Total HP

  • 21,094


  • Breath
  • Claw

Temporary Items Dropped

  • Star of the Flames (Dropped during the 'Star of the Flames' quest)
  • Black Knight Chest Piece (Dropped during the 'Hardly Suiting Armor' quest)
  • Dragon's Horn (Dropped during the 'Dragon Might' quest)
  • Jade Spirit (Dropped during the 'The Jade Spirit' quest)
  • Green Dragon Egg (Dropped during the 'If You Wanna Bake A Cake' quest)

Items Dropped By This Monster

  • Gold-foil Chocolate
  • Treasure Chest

Extra Information

With the right class this monster is very easy and this is what you will need for the BLACK KNIGHT quest

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