A Marsh tree you fine at "Marsh2"

Locations you can find this Tree

  • Marsh
  • Marsh 2


  • Level 8


  • Easy

Total HP

  • 732


  • Idle 20 - 35

Temporary Items Dropped

  • Lumber (Dropped during the 'Camping Out' quest)
  • Paladaffodil (Dropped during the 'Almighty Aluminum Enchantement', the 'Blessed Barium Enchantment', the 'Glorious Gold Enhantment', the 'Immortal Iron Enchantment', the 'Celestial Copper Enchantment', the Sanctified Silver Enhantment, and the 'Pious Platinum Enchantment' quest)
  • Wood Planks (Dropped during the 'Repairing Heartsease' quest)

​Items Dropped By This Monster

  • Treasure Chest

Extra Information?

This monster is really easy, and is what you need for Paladaffodil this monster barly hits on a level 35-50

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