A Spider

Locations you can find this monster

  • Cellar
  • Greenguard (East)
  • Marsh
  • Willow Creek


  • Level 4
  • Level 28 RARE


  • Easy

Total HP

  • 512


  • Slash: 29-36

Temporary Items Dropped

  • Corn Cob Web (Dropped during the 'Cater To His Every Dish' quest.)
  • Silken Robes (Dropped during the 'Pygmalian's Ivory Lady' quest)
  • Spider Gem (Dropped during the 'The Spider's Gem' quest.)
  • Spider Leg (Dropped during the 'Attic Spiders' quest.)
  • Spider Fang (Dropped during the 'Overgrown Spiders' quest.)

Items Dropped By This Monster

  • Green Spider Staff
  • ‎Treasure Chest

Extra Information

This monster is needed in alot of Quests and can be found in many location

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